Helping Your Child Become a Superior Student


Tutoring allows the student to learn more information quicker without any distractions from other students. The tutor focuses precisely on the needs of the student at that given time. Tutoring allows the student the ability to ask questions freely, and control the pace of the learning through the guided expertise of the tutor. Every student has a unique learning style, and one-onone tutoring allows the tutor to incorporate the exact skills and knowledge needed in a highly personalized manner. This attention in some cases allows the tutor to improve knowledge or skills far more rapidly more than in a classroom setting.

A good tutor can adapt to the learning goals of nearly any student. For students who are struggling in traditional classrooms, tutoring can be an excellent way to build self-esteem and a desire to learn. Our tutors will provide academic support and practice in the areas where the student most needs it. As a result, our caring and patient tutors will work with your child to build skills, habits and attitudes that last for a lifetime. SOS Kidz provides tutoring and mentors throughout the calendar year for students grades K-12 having difficulty with their academic studies. In Addition, we do not charge anyone any fees, nor do we market or sell any of these services to any children or their parents.

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